Shotstack Dynamic Template troubleshooting (trying to use a board with

I’m new and after a few days have managed to produce my first videos from a template successfully and things are looking great (thanks for the help so far).

Now I am starting to try and establish a production workflow using Make (Integromat) and connecting that to as it achieves my desire to have a management workflow as well as form submission solutions for dynamic content to be ingested and then using the Shotstack dynamic template in Make, merge fields to create videos.

I have managed to connect a board (like a google spreadsheet) to the Shotstack dynamic template in Make and have matched up the merge fields as best I can see it should work, but I am getting the following error returned with a FAILED render notification on my Shotstack account:

Over at Make, the scenario seems to run successfully, but I can see it has FAILED in the renders section of my Shotstack account. I think the file upload for the image may be the problem, but It appears to be a publicly accessible image URL when I look at the mappable column values in the output tree of the setup in Make. I only have a few simple fields with just one image on this template so I can get try and get a successful test and go from there.

Here are how the fields are mapped in the Shotstack dynamic template integration template on make. Can anyone see any issues of why the render would fail?

I am happy to ditch Monday and use another spreadsheet/workflow/form management solution, but it appears like I should be able to get it to work given I can map the fields together in Make theoretically but happy to explore another product to link together with Shotstack to in Make.

Many thanks!

Actually, scratch that. It seems the files uploaded through to are NOT publicly accessible and I have a suspicion THAT is what is causing the renders from generating.

Back to the drawing board again. I will see what solutions are out there, but please do chime in if you know of a good workflow solution for what I am after that resolves these issues.

Thank you.

Now I am not so sure, as I switched back to using google forms/spreadsheet and getting the same FAILED error in the render queue as I continue to troubleshoot, which reads.

“Rendering failed: File format is not supported or file extension does not match the file type”

I have double checked and the drive file where form responses are recorded and the drive folder of images have been updated to be visible links to the public, the scenario on runs seemingly fine and no errors and everything is mapped okay I think, here’s the results in case I have something wrong and it’s glaringly obvious to anyone.

Many thanks!

Google Drive does work but the address they give you normally isn’t the publicly accessible one as it sends you to a page where you can download the file.

The following topic may be helpful:

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That’s great, thank you. I think I will end up using a text field for URL instead of file upload and rework my workflow to suit.

Just created a scenario that uses a Google Drive file:

blueprint (11).json (18.1 KB)

Make sure to use the Web Content Link property:


And make sure to give you file the right permissions:

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