Using Google Drive

I am trying to use an image in my Google Drive, the link to the file is however I got this error:

Rendering failed: File format is not supported or file extension does not match the file type

Is there any way to work around this?

I think the issue is because of how Google Drive handles redirects, the URL is not actually the URL of the image but a 302 redirect to another file. You can verify that using this tool: Redirect Checker | Check your Statuscode 301 vs 302

It shows a 302 redirect to a new file. The API is probably downloading HTML instead of jpg/png/gif which is why the file is invalid.

As workarounds I would investigate if there is an alternative URL you can use or work out what the redirected URL is. There might also be a way to get the real image URL using one of Googles APIs.

OK. So I ended up changing my URL format and also giving share rights in my google drive folder “to anybody who has the link”

URL format:

And this works!