Add our own logo when using the stage

I don’t believe this is possible at the moment, but I thought I’d ask anyway in case I’m missing something.
Is there a way to use our own logo when videos and images are created using the sandbox?
If that was possible, we’d be able to simplify a lot of things for us. We would like to allow our customers to create previews before they commit to a final version. But we don’t want to have to pay for each preview they create, nor do we want to limit the number of previews they create.
Since our customers are really Shotstack’s customers, albeit, through us, we are hoping Shotstack will see the value in allowing this as well.

Hi Andri,

That unfortunately isn’t possible. Some of our users have built their own preview capabilities that sit independent on our API. Some of these are available open source:

In terms of our roadmap there are two things we are looking to do to allow you to show your users previews.

Lower credit costs for lower resolutions.

We are looking into the possibility to only charge a fraction of a credit per minute for videos that are less than a certain resolution at a low fps.

This would allow you to provide your users with a cost-effective way to preview their videos.

Preview widget

We are looking at ways to provide our users with a way to preview their videos without needing to build their own preview mechanism or use the API. This may still be a while away however.

Bear in mind that the sandbox is for development and testing. You can use it in production with your customers but it has quotas, currently 5000 requests per month, including status requests. That might stop your app from working if your customers take you over that limit. Production (v1) has much higher limits that you are less likely to meet and can be lifted if needed.

In production you can add your own logo, ours is not shown, but as you mention, you are billed for this.