Pink Editor - An open source video editor built on Shotstack


Studio Pink has open sourced their video editor. The editor is completely integrated with Shotstack and offers the following capabilities:

  • Edit videos on a timeline by dragging and dropping clips onto tracks
  • Drag and Drop interface for titles
  • Trimming and merging of videos
  • Custom fonts and styling of titles
  • Manually add subtitles or import SRT file
  • Adding an intro and outro to your video
  • Add audio and soundtracks
  • Record and add audio to video via microphone
  • Export as MP4, GIF or MP3
  • Export in different aspect ratios
  • Export in SD, HD (720p) and full HD (1080p)
  • Edit videos in different aspect ratio’s (16:9, Instagram Story, TikTok, Square)
  • Add transitions between clips
  • Add effects and filters to titles and clips

Take a look at the source code and feel free to use the code to create your own video editor.

Please note that this editor is not officially supported by Shotstack.


This is really cool! Is it possible to automatically load up a list of videos into a timeline?

I believe you can load up videos and add them to a timeline indeed.