ZoomIn effect with setting the zoom 'depth'

Hi there, I’m in the middle of programming an image asset zoomIn effect to apply to images. I can’t see it anywhere in the API where I’d be able to set how deeply we’ll zoom in. I believe it uses some default value of some 5-10% or so, that I’m not sure if it’s possible to override.
We’re trying to achieve something like this - starting zoomIn position is set by the green outer rectangle, the user can drag the inner rectangle up to the minimum width/height of 1280x720 so that the final frame won’t get pixelated, so the end/inner rectangle is where the zoom in effect should end up.

Possible or not? Any help would be highly appreciated!
Thanks a lot! Stefan

Hey Stefan,

Right now there is zoomIn, zoomInSlow and zoomInFast - scale is 1 to 1.3x, 1 to 1.1x and 1 to 1.7x. This should be reversed for zoomOut.

What you are looking to achieve requires keyframing, which is something we do not yet support. I’ve made a note of your use case however and added it to our feature request list.

Thanks, that’s good to know that we have a few more options. And yes, that’d be nice if it becomes available at some stage :wink: Stefan