Wrong aspect ratio and video is zooming in

Hi Shotstack Team,

I am trying to use Shotstack video compress api from this source code in node.js. While uploading video from link then Shotstack sending then prob data of video. I found the wrong width and height for some video in prob response. You can check using shotstack website compress video demo link with this video.

I updated with correct width and height in code before sending for compression but i found the compressed video as zoomed in without passing any zoom param, this is also an issue. Can be test using above demo link.

Could you please assist?

Can you provide an example of where wrong width and height is given?

What often happens with user generated content is that video is recorded in landscape but made vertical through the use of a rotate tag. That makes it look like the video width and height or the wrong way around.

Unfortunately this is handled differently by different devices. You will be able to use the Ingest API soon to normalize these types of videos to ensure you are given a consistent width and height independent of the source.