What kind of demo or sample applications would you like to see?

We often get asked for sample code or demos that provide an example on how to achieve certain outcomes. We share these via our Github and on the demos page.

Before we start building more demos that people don’t necessarily need we would love to hear your thoughts on what type of sample applications or demos would be useful for you?

Let us know by replying to this thread.

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A WordPress plugin would be nice​:blue_heart:. Maybe one that does what the pexels sample does only with PHP for backend. :blue_heart:. Or perhaps a simple post to video plugin that will allow a user to choose some styles or templates and create a little video using post tiles and excerpt and maybe author name a d avatar as end screen. Something they could use to advertise article on YouTube or TikTok. Yeah that’s it, WP Post-to-TikTok!

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Or a video effects and soundtracks for buddypress💙

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I like the idea of building something for Wordpress, how do you see people using it as part of their CMS system, Woo-commerce store or custom built Wordpress site?

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Well, I will be using it to allow author users to create videos for their posts and stories. But I can see many ways standard blog owners could use it. They could configure it to send personalized video welcomes to new subscribers, provide a video trailer of posts for sharing on social media, and one of the ideas I had was to generate video link previews of websites. In my Android app I made a thing that takes the social image, title, and description of an url and uses it to generate a video for the website. Imagine instead of giving site owners an image preview, we could give them a video preview of their website!

I have been working on the nuts and bolts of a WordPress plugin for a while using winder automation and we hooks to firm up good use cases, then will convert into a plugin format with block for allowing users on front end to make videos.

Also working on a json course which will allow students to write the json for the render and save as templates, even share with asset placeholders. A neat way to learn json.

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Another idea for demos would be recreating your serverless framework demos for Google firebase. Firebase and google cloud functions is much like AWS and serverless, and can host backend node.js and JavaScript apps to run in the cloud. The pixels demo, for example. :blue_heart:

Also tensor flow. If we can use the assets and the user data to create ai models in tensorflow, we could apply machine learning to the renders, and work towards building an integration which learns what the user likes and will be able to offer suggestions for assets, audio, effects, and styles, or be able to analyse the effectiveness of different marketing campaign strategies.

So I think the key to building a simple integration with WordPress would be to create a custom video template post type, with all the options for the video as custom fields and taxonomies, so that renders could be sent to shotstack using any automation plugin or integromet or zapper.