What counts against storage?

I am looking at reducing my storage usage by deleting videos I no longer want.

When we upload an asset to shotstack through the ingest API - does it count towards storage? If so, deleting an ingesting asset is not freeing up space.

It is merely marking it as ‘deleted’ but my storage count has not gone down.

Has anyone else faced such issue? Any help from the shotstack team will be much appreciated.

Anything that is stored and served via Shotstack hosting counts against storage. By default all videos rendered and ingested via Shotstack API’s are stored in your account and count against storage. This includes all videos uploaded via the Studio editor.

We are about to remove automatically storing files using the Ingest API but for now rendered videos using the Edit API are still stored and hosted by default.

To opt out from automatic hosting you can set the destination options following the docs here:

In your output set the destination like this, other setting may vary:

"output": {
  "format": "mp4",
  "resolution": "sd",
  "destinations": [{ "provider": "shotstack", "exclude": true }]

It looks like you have been able to delete individual files using the Serve API delete method (Manage Hosted Assets withe the Serve API | Shotstack Documentation). I’ll investigate why that is not reducing the storage shown in the dashboard.

Thanks Lucas. I am able to get all of the ingested files in one API call and then delete the one’s I don’t want one by one.

Is there a way to get all the rendered files and their ids in one api call as well?