Watermark looking too small

Hello, I’m using the Shotstack module with Make and so far it works great. Just one little problem: I’m adding a watermark to images and the watermark looks too small, even setting the size to large.

What are the ideal dimensions of the watermark?

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The NoCode apps such as Make and Zapier scale your watermark to a ratio of the source footage width:

Size Ratio
Small 11.25%
Medium 15%
Large 18.75%

As an example if you have a 1080p video (1920 x 1080px) then a medium watermark will be 1920 * 0.15 = 288px in width.

It does not really matter how big your images are as we will resize them for you, but to ensure you keep the quality high we recommend you have them available at 15% of the width of your source footage.

You mentioned that the large size is still too small for you? We can add an extra large option in at a ratio of 22.5% if there is demand for this:


Thank you for your response.

Here is a sample of the image produced with my watermark, so you can see how tiny it is even proportionally to the overall image:

This is with the setting Large.

Obviously, I must be doing something wrong because my logo file is not small either.

What seems to be the issue?

Can you share the watermark image?

End result: Dropbox - 6518 (13) - Simplify your life

Watermark: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0032/1185/3922/files/logo-transparent_6c51eb62-1590-4de0-9e03-5657cd3bca4f_x58.png?v=1641453619

I see what’s going on. The watermark module calculates the size based on the width of the asset - assuming it’s a 16:9.

When using a portrait image the 15% ratio doesn’t make sense anymore.

I pushed through a change that should fix this issue and allow you to create normally sized watermarks for portrait images as well.

I would recommend using a larger watermark file however, as for larger source files it may look grainy.

Hi dazzatron,

Thanks for looking into it, but unfortunately it’s still not working. This is a result from this morning:

Yes sorry I should have mentioned that Make has a convoluted app approval process which normally takes a couple of days.

The change has been made and the app is now in the approval stage. I will update this thread once that’s done.

Just got the following:

Due to holidays, the level of engineering support is limited compared to the rest of the calendar year. Respecting our reduced capacity during the upcoming time period we will not be releasing any new apps or app updates between 15th December - 9th January 2023.

This means that it’ll likely be next week or the week after.

Sure, thanks for the update. Looking forward to use this feature.

Hi, just a quick update about this: I tested it this morning and so far the problem is not fixed. Thanks

I’ve followed up with them. They’re unfortunately not known to act very quickly on these things.

It normally helps if users start asking for updates to be reviewed as well if you want to help speed it up: https://www.make.com/en/ticket

Just got word that they’ve approved the update!