Video urls stop being dynamic when switching to JSON view

Hello Shotstack community,

Our team has encountered a weird bug in the Template Editor.
We have a template with some video clip elements that have dynamic source urls. The setup works ok in UI view but when I switch to JSON view, the url stops being dynamic and is replaced with the “default” merge tag value. For example is the JSON is supposed to look like this src: {{video_url}} it becomes this src: "https:///" . This didn’t happen until recently so I’m wondering if an update messed it up

Our workaround has been to never enter JSON view but that is not a realistic option for us :stuck_out_tongue: Any plans for a fix?

Btw, I also noticed that we can no longer access the settings of the template, clicking on the gear icon just takes us to a blank screen.

Thank you for your time

Hello, we are investigating and will get back to you shortly.

Hi there! Thanks for bringing the issue with settings to our attention, we have just rolled out a fix for that.

Regarding the issue with the merge fields, I have been unable to reproduce it.
I’ve sent an email to the email you’ve registered with so I can help figure this out for you.