Video Player for Appgyver

Does anyone know of a service that will allow passing the url to a video in url params in order to create a custom player which could be used in a webview in an appgyver app. Appgyver does not have any native video solution and if something like this does not exist I am considering making one. There is such a large community looking for a video solution I don’t know why they have not made one yet. I am trying to build an app in appgyver now that uses shotsack and have to use webview for videos, but it is ugly. I have been trying to edit a react video player sample on stackblitz to try to get the video component to get the url of video from url params in query string, and it gave me an idea to also get other params, such as app id in order to provide a solution for the appgyver community and allow them to customize their player, edit videos with shotstack, and create a kind of plugin for appgyver videos. I need to import query string and alter this to get video from url params and then kind of build on it to allow developers to sign up and configure their player for their app. Then they could pass their app id and video id in the url params as well, maybe even user id to count views. Do you think this is something shotstack should do and provide for appgyver devs or should I go ahead and pursue this?

I got it to play video from url in url params

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