Video assets get frozen almost immediately on render

Hello. I have video assets recorded with web cam using react-webcam library. Those videos looks normal when played in browser or downloaded and played on PC. Can you check from your end is there something unusual that makes those videos freeze on final rendering? Thanks.

Render IDs:

I have had a quick look. It looks like it has something to do with how they are recorded and encoded. Can you tell me how it was captured (device, version, software/app) etc…

Right now the only fix I can come up with is to re-encode it using ffmpeg.

We have launched a new service to ingest your footage: Ingest Footage and Files | Shotstack Documentation. The next feature is to fix issues like this instead of having to do this yourself or work with ffmpeg. This should be available in the next couple of weeks.

iPhone 14 Pro
iOS v. 16.1.1.

Video recorded with browser web cam using react-webcam library.
Because .webm video capturing isn’t supported on iOS (had issue with it) I had to pass these options to var options = { mimeType: “video/mp4”, videoBitsPerSecond: 100000 } to new MediaRecorder(options)

I will try to find workaround for this.