Using Integromat to render a video?

I want to use Integromat to automate the building of real estate listings. I tried to use Integromat and the renders appear to go through but I can’t see the results anywhere.

Hey Jack,

There’s a great tutorial on how to use Integromat on the blog, but I think what is going wrong is that you don’t have the watch module enabled in a different scenario. You need that one to listen to Shotstack when it tells you your videos are done.

So in total you need two of the Shotstack modules to make it all work, the Render Module and the Watch Videos module.

This is my Integromat scenario where it reads rows in a Google Sheets spreadsheet and sends it through to Shotstack to build my video.

Then I’ve got my second scenario watches for my videos to finish. Once Shotstack sends through that a render is done I update my spreadsheet, and then download the video in order to upload it to both Google Drive and Vimeo.

I downloaded both scenarios as blueprints for you to use here:

  1. render-blueprint.json (384.8 KB)
  2. watch-blueprint.json (63.7 KB)