Universal Template and asset market

One of my ideas for an app is to allow coders to create json templates and define placeholders, then share and sell use of the templates and assets in kind of a public shotstack economy. This was my original idea for the app I started to concept out I spoke with Jeff about it a while ago. Even allow developers to enter their own key and test and develop on their own time, then post the template in a public market.

I guess I would have to create some kind of Jason.path or or config file which would replace anything in [brackets] or {{brackets}} before compiling the final json render, to properly insert the value of the placeholders.

Have you guys thought of anything like this? And while I know it could be done independently, it would also be cool to maybe one day even offer other apps use of the templates and allow them to specify a template ID in a call to shotstack. Maybe even an API which could list and show all available templates in any UI, with demo videos, in case other apps wanted to use the template library.


We are definitely looking for ways to make templates more accessible to everyone.

The templates page serves as an initial repository that is designed to help people get started quickly and we are actively working on expanding. These can already be used in any application or workflow without any restrictions.

Your ideas around a marketplace and a template API are definitely ideas we’re looking into. The Integromat and Zapier modules include initial template modules. These should soon be updates with the new templates we’re releasing.

We recently released a feature that does exactly what you describe:

This lets you add {{PLACHOLDERS}} and in the merge parameter you can do a find and replace. This will allow you to create templates with placeholders.

While we build out something ourselves, you are welcome to build out your own template gallery/marketplace. We welcome and encourage that.

We see this as a Wordpress/Bootstrap type model where third parties can sell templates/themes etc… that are compatible with Shotstack.

Wow this is exactly it! Ok, awesome! I predict a "Video Maker for Buddypress plugin coming shortly, and an overall WP-Shotcode Template Dynamic Video Maker and Marketplace! Has anyone made a wordpress plugin yet?

I also like the idea of a mobile app where video makers and developers can collaborate, create templates, and even connect apps and set up webhooks and triggers to make videos in a way that would be simpler for non-technicals and easier for developers to earn. Such as integromat but more focused on dynamic videos and interoperable workflows. I really do want to get this made. And I am looking deep into the possibility of setting up a blender python api, or working with you guys on it, to create 3d models dynamically. There is a huge community of pet lovers out there all excited about the idea for 3d pet avatars based on real pets, which can also be kind of a pet-oriented identity/influencer metaverse. If we could one day allow them to upload an image of their dog and generate a 3d “wagater” from it, it would be epic!