Template Editor Feature Parity Thread

As we incrementally improve our GUI video editor I thought I’d create this thread to keep everyone updated on what we are working on now, what we are working on next and all the things we know don’t yet work.

Our goal is to eventually reach feature parity with the features available in the API itself. This will be a huge task, especially considering many features are not supported in the browser such as QuickTime mov support or luma mattes. Or recreating and animating all the transitions and motion effects. But we will find a way to recreate or represent these types of features as we go.

We’ll focus on the most important/impactful features first that tackle some of the biggest blockers - like previewing the position and size of elements on the screen.

Bear in mind that the preview and rendered result might not be 100% the same so always do a test render and consider that the source of truth, not what you see in the editor preview.

We welcome all feedback of course. Let us know what your most important features/blockers are and that will help guide our efforts.


Here’s a breakdown of the key features and parity with the API.

Key Status
:white_check_mark: Done to an acceptable / usable standard
:x: Not done yet
:man_construction_worker: Under construction / in progress


Feature Status
Tracks :white_check_mark:
Tracks ordering JSON :white_check_mark:
Soundtrack :white_check_mark:
Fonts :white_check_mark:
Background :white_check_mark:
Start :white_check_mark:
Length :white_check_mark:
Fit :white_check_mark:
Scale :white_check_mark:
Position :white_check_mark:
Offset :white_check_mark:
Opacity :white_check_mark:
Transition :x:
Effect :x:
Filter :x:
Transformation :x:
Video asset :white_check_mark:
Image Asset :white_check_mark:
HTML Asset :white_check_mark:
Video Volume :white_check_mark:
Audio Asset :white_check_mark:
Title Asset (deprecate) :white_check_mark:
Luma Asset :x:
Image and Video Crop :x:
HTML styling of multiple tags and child tags :x:
Rotate :x:
Skew :x:
Flip :x:
Format :white_check_mark:
Resolution :white_check_mark:
Aspect Ratio :white_check_mark:
Custom Size :white_check_mark:
Range :white_check_mark:
scaleTo :white_check_mark:
mp3 format :x:
Poster image :white_check_mark:
Thumbnail image :white_check_mark:
GUI Features
Preview area :white_check_mark:
Editor panels :white_check_mark:
Drag and drop :white_check_mark:
Click/drag to resize :white_check_mark:
Playback controls :white_check_mark:
Scrubber :white_check_mark:
Timeline view :white_check_mark:
Timeline view editing (drag and drop) :white_check_mark:
Upload support (instead of URL only) :white_check_mark:
Order tracks and clips via GUI :white_check_mark:

Known issues

:warning: Only first HTML element is supported in HTML assets - i.e. <p>Hello World</p>. <p>Hello</p><p>World</p> or <p>Hello <span>World</span></p> will not display correctly.

:warning: CSS line height in preview does not match rendered video

:warning: Drag and drop only works correctly when anchor is set to center.

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Something to consider, if not yet on the roadmap, is the ability to HIDE a layer or track.

Nice work on studio! Very impressed with your progress.

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Good idea, one we have definitely considered and one we hope to add soon.

Hi, I’m trying to create a video for testing, but after yesterday’s update Luma Mattes stopped working. I add 2 images and transition to them using Luma Mattes, but if I do it in the template editor in the visual part, the tracks can’t be expanded and I can’t see the layer order in it, I switch to JSON Viewer, I fix the code and submit its on render and there is no transition if i switch back to visual editor all my layers are flipped to different tracks and i dont know how to make this work

We have rolled out a fix that will let you edit the JSON and switching to the UI won’t affect it in any way. Lumas can only be modified in JSON for the time being though.

OMG this is amazing! Especially the visual of the tracks and drag & drop. Love it!


Is it a bug that you can not change the name of projects but use the initial “Untitled”?

This was a bug but it is fixed now.

Hey there!
Is there a way to embed such a preview into our dashboard app so our customer can see a preview of their video before I send the json to your API to let the video finally render?
Best, Carsten

This is on our roadmap and something we are investigating. Right now we don’t have a date when we would deliver this.

For now a few options are to render a preview that is scaled down using the output scaleTo setting. You can also render a segment of a video using the output range settings or you could render key frames within the video by creating images at key points in the video using the range start and format jpg.

It’s not as good as a real time preview but it may quickly help you users get an idea of how their video will look.