Template Code Editor Repo

Hey everyone. I am about to launch the Waggyverse Web App I was telling you about so that brands and influencers can create content for their campaigns. I would really like to embed a template code editor as well, such as the one you have on Shotstack Dashboard. Is there any way you can share the html and javascript for that to give me a guide on the best way to make it?

It will be locked behind this paywall and I will only allow it to be used the same way you guys do. I am hoping this will be a way I can get coders involved as well, to help make templates, and get my renders up with shotstack. The videos made will also play in the mobile apps. So far we have two doggy apps published. I want to make a central creator studio for the brands and influencers to publish across all apps.

The code editor is using an off the shelf editor called Codemirror. You can learn about it here: https://codemirror.net/.

It is integrated in to our dashboard as part of a React app so it’s not really something we can just pick up and give you, but 95% of the functionality is already in the Codemirror library, you’d just need to hook it up to post the JSON to a server and then to Shotstack API. Display a video when done.

We can’t give out the code right now but in the future we hope to have some kind of front end library for editing video/templates that will be embedable or a set of components.

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