Slow Download Speed from AmazonAWS URL

Is there an alternative URL that content can be retrieved from? Lately the links that being provided have been tremendously slow to download from my server for some reason.

The links provided are being hosted at:

Is there an alternative link I can download the same content from, that may perhaps be quicker? Downloads from these links are going at about 600KB/s. When large file download tests from other URLs are going at 25+MB/s no problem.

All Shotstack assets are by default available on our hosting service with CDN (unless you opt-out). You can read more about the URL format and how the Shotstack destination works here: Shotstack Destination | Shotstack Documentation.

You can download from this URL which might be a bit faster because it goes via the AWS network. First request still needs to go to the origin though which is in Sydney, Australia.

Another alternative is to use the S3 destination (this will require you to have an AWS account with an S3 bucket setup). This will allow you to send rendered files directly to a bucket in the region you choose. For example if your server is based in the US, you can send files to a bucket in the US and then download directly from there.

There will still be a delay as the file is transferred from Sydney to your S3 bucket but the final download will be much faster. More details on setting up an S3 destination are available here: S3 Destination | Shotstack Documentation

Thank you so much for the reply! It convinced me to implement S3 Destinations and I was thankfully able to do so with additional searching in the forum. This resolves the speed issues, and also removes load from my server by not having to download and re-upload to my own S3 storage.

Thanks again!

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Great to hear it worked out.