setSize and imageAsset ignored

Hi, I’ve been working on a project involving shotstack, but I’ve hit a small roadblock.

In the above video, I have 6 titleassets, 4 clips and 1 image that’s stitched into a single video.
The current problems are:

  1. I’ve set the titleAsset’s setSize to large, but the text is unchangeable. I’ve tried to set it’s position, and it worked, so I’d assume only the setSize is ignored.
  2. On the 28th second, with a 2s length, an imageasset should appear (logo) on the right bottom side, since I did a top 0.8, bottom 0, left 0.8, right 0, yet there’s no image.
    I’ve created a separate track for image, voiceOver, titles, and clips, and put in the following order →
    VO → Image → Title → Clips, yet the image is not showing up at all.

Did I mess up somewhere with the order, or the settings? Thanks for the help!
Also, I’m using node with shotstack SDK

Hi @InDeepTerror,

Title size

I checked your render and it appears you didn’t add the style of the title. You can add this using the setStyle method as follows:


This should render you the following video:

There’s an example node.js SDK resource on github that provides you with an example.

Overall we recommend users move to HTML assets instead of title assets. These are a lot more versatile and provides you with the ability to style your titles the way you want in addition to allowing to use your own fonts. There’s a good resource on the learn pages that explains how the HTML asset works.

Image overlay

For your image you have appeared to have used the Crop method on both the top and bottom of the image, which has resulted in the image being completely cropped. Your use of the Crop method results in the following crop property:

"crop": {
    "right": 0,
    "top": 0.8,
    "left": 0.8,
    "bottom": 0

What this does is take 80% off the top of the image and 80% off the bottom of the image resulting in your image completely disappearing.

When you remove the crop the image should show. I used a sample image as your image wasn’t available anymore:

Hi, thanks for the response. I’ll try your changes, but regarding the crop method, I specified 0% on bottom, and 80% on top.
Also a 80% left and a 0% right, since my goal was to position it on the left side, with a 20% width and a 20% height (of the screen).
Is there a way to achieve this, since there’s no position/size prop for the image asset?

I think what you are looking for is the position, offset and scale for the parent clip. Check out the API reference here for clip: Shotstack v1 API Reference Documentation

You will see the position parameter which sets the starting position, i.e. left, and then you can set the offset to move the image away from the edge if you wish. To resize use the scale property, set to 0.2 for 20% screen size.

In general all the modifiers for an asset live in the parent clip. Title is a bit of an odd exception and as Derk mentioned it has been superseded by the HTML asset.