Rendering speed for 15 Sec videos

Hello Gentlemen,

I was wondering if there was a way (subscription/pay per request) way to increase the rendering and response speeds.

I have a webapp that records a 15 seconds video (400kb), and sends it to server and then to Shotstack API to be stitched with a pre-recorded video on server (also 15 sec length).

however this whole process takes anywhere between 11-20 seconds.
is there a way we can make the round trip faster?

we are okay to pay a fee for speed since its a real time interaction


We provide for accelerated rendering with all of our Professional accounts. This ensures that videos of one minute or longer never take longer than 30 seconds to render.

For shorter videos such as your 30 second render there are a few things you can do to speed up your render:

  1. Set quality parameter to low
  2. Use a lower resolution.
  3. Make the files you ingest into your videos available on S3 buckets located in Sydney
  4. Don’t turn of caching
  5. Use webhooks to be informed of a completed render immediately when it’s done
  6. Reduce the amount of lumas and other transitions such as shuffleTopRight.