Render Progress Status - Rendering speeds


I’m rendering videos in real time while users are still on my app’s page, and as such, it would be a nice to have some approximation of how long the render is going to take to complete.

Currently I’m showing/hiding my processing overlays based on webhook callbacks. But it would make for a much much better UX if I could variably time my processing overlay screens according to how much time is remaining in the render. My plan is to show .gifs during processing that foreshadow the next steps in my app.

I understand there are a lot of variables such as bandwidth, files sizes, etc… but most of my content to be rendered is quite standardized.

  1. Do you have any sort of Progress Indicator feature on your road map to include in the API?

  2. Do you have any handy formula for Total Render Length * Size of Files * Cache * etc by which I can use to create an algorithm that approximates (even crudely) render time?


Hi @jeff,

At the moment we don’t have a progress indicator on the roadmap but I have put it under our feature requests. What other users have used are averages from their users’ renders to create progress indicators honed into their use of the API.

Below I’ve provided rough numbers on how long the rendering process takes per minutes of video. Please note that videos will take longer to render when computationally heavy capabilities are used - such as transitions, effects and luma mattes.

Essentials accounts - standard render speeds

Resolution Render time per minute of video
SD 22s
HD 32s
1080 54s

The above are based on an Essentials account. Professional accounts have access to accelerated rendering which exponentially reduces render time for videos 1 minute and longer.

Professional accounts - accelerated rendering

Resolution Video duration Render time per minute of video
HD 1min 17s
HD 2min 15s
HD 5min 8s
HD 10min 3s

Accelerated rendering may not be helpful if you only render shorts videos. We are however always working on improving render speeds of all video lengths and you should see render times decrease over time.