Render image Timeout


When rendering by POST with images, the server of that media gives a timeout, how can i indicate to wait longer?
Server responded with connect ETIMEDOUT

Do you have a render id or can you provide more details, with a step by step walkthrough of what you did and how you received this error.

Using .WEBP Images for Efficient Web Design

I came across a discussion that might be related to file size issues and thought I’d share a tip that has worked wonders for me: using .WEBP image files.

  1. Compatibility and Efficiency: It’s worth noting that .WEBP files are now widely accepted, even on platforms like Instagram, which didn’t support them until recently. If you’re dealing with website speed or loading times, .WEBP files can be a game changer.

  2. Image Compression: For further size reduction, I recommend using TinyPNG to compress .WEBP images. This can reduce the file size by up to 80%, while maintaining full-color HD quality. Even images under 100kb can retain high quality.

  3. Impact on Website Performance: The impact on website speed is significant. You can create image-heavy websites that score almost perfectly on Google’s speed tests. This highlights the efficiency of compressed .WEBP files compared to traditional formats like .PNG or .JPEG.

  4. Support for Transparency: Another advantage of .WEBP is its support for transparency, which is great for design flexibility.

By switching to .WEBP and using compression tools, you can drastically improve website loading times without compromising on image quality. Hope this helps anyone dealing with file size and website performance issues!