Reactive video trimmer

Hey everyone I just wanted to share this github repo I found. It creates a browser video trimming component with draggable cropper. The way it is now, it writes the crop times to variables. I am trying to use it to make a visual tool which could then send the times to shotstack for cropping. I am sure it is meant to do more with canvas but haven’t figured it all out yet.


I had a quick look at the demo, it does look like if you can get the trim points you could send that to Shotstack. You would need the source footage to also be uploaded so that Shotstack can import it and edit. This looks like everything happens in the browser so the video will only be available on your local machine.

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Correct. My thinking was to use it as a visual for either a template maker or an end user, and to to handle uploading of assets on backend. I am also experimenting with placing the entire component into a list so that each asset, if video, will display in a sort of timeline. Notice they can also make a snapshot, so could use that for allowing them to create a poster or a separate image asset.