Product Update - Sprint 19

Product update - Sprint 19

User Experience

Polished up the dashboard design and added a better on-boarding flow for first time users.

Moved subscription and usage statistics from the dashboard home page to the user account menu.

Studio Editor

Clips can now be dragged from one track to another in the timeline panel, making layering easier to use.

Improved positioning and scaling of assets on first load - videos and images should appear the correct size and position when a template is first opened.

Improved custom font management and selection - add custom fonts in the settings panel, then chose them from the text editor font selector.


Fixed a bug that would send multiple webhook callbacks if a render failed.

Improve status feedback (saving state) and renderTime accuracy for longer multipart renders.


Optimized audio rendering to increase overall render speed by up to 6x for longer videos.

In Sprint 20 we are working on asset uploads - upload your videos to the editor instead of typing URLs, and managing merge fields - setup placeholders for text, images and video and replace them using merge fields, all done via the editor.