Probe API Not Working

Probe Api not Working With Outside ShotStack Video URL

It looks like you are using Windows Azure Blob storage. Is there some kind of configuration setting that stops the video file from being streamed immediately vs being fully downloaded.

I think what is happening here is that Azure is trying to force us to download the whole file, where as what we do is only stream the first party of it until we can read the metadata. This lets us respond much faster without downloading the entire file.

It works if I download your file and serve it from AWS S3, like this:

I did a quick Google and it looks like this is a common issue with Azure where it returns a 200 status instead of 206 partial download. There are a few articles on how to set this up, these ones might help:

If you set this up, it also means any videos your serve to your users will play back much more smoothly, rather than having to wait for the entire file.