Possibility to integrate the GUI editor into our app?

Hi there,

We have a storytelling system being used by organizations to capture video/photos from employees to showcase their culture/brand/etc.

We are using the shotstack API to stitch videos together into a montage with pre-built templates. However, we are trying to allow our users the ability to edit the videos in real-time like a true video editor.

Is there any way we could leverage the API and/or the GUI editor to make that functionality work for our users?

At this point that isn’t possible. But we are looking at making frontend components (such as a GUI editor) available in the future.

We don’t have anything official off the shelf you can use yet, but you could try this opensource project:

Also a few starting places to build your own editor would be Konva (https://konvajs.org/) or Fabric (http://fabricjs.com/).

We are currently building our own editor using Pixi.JS, which is a WebGL 2D library but it does require a lot of things to be built manually.