PNG files throwing errors while making video

I am trying to generate a video by uploading png file and it is giving me failed message for everytime I am using png files but if I am using jpg it works fine with me. Can you please tell me what should I do?

What is the error message?


The url is null when I am using png files . But it works with jpg images but only getting error for png files.

I am uploading the images from my website and it was working fine previously but now I am getting such errors. is my website

Can you share a uuid of a particular render that failed? That way we can look it up.


The error message is “Rendering failed: File format is not supported or file extension does not match the file type” - this means that the image is not actually a png file, it is most likely a jpg file with a png extension.

I had a look at your JSON and can see that you are using a logo.png file. Unfortunately it looks like all the URL’s have expired so I can’t check them but my guess is that the logo.png file is in fact a jpg file.

If you export the file from image editing photo or can convert it to png it should work. Or to test you can change the file extension to jpg.

Note that we are working on a fix for this that will adjust to work with the wrong file types. For now however you need to ensure the file type and extension are correct.

No , I have converted the image to png . I didn’t hard code or anything . It was a png file and this not only happening with me this error is being faced by many users. If you can reply quick I can send you another uuid and you can check on that…

And just a moment ago I tried to make video from commapnd prompt with same logo.png but from command prompt it works perfectly fine .

Please use and you can try using it and you will find the same error . And you can find the uuid in the inspect area-> networks . And please give me the actual reason because if this problem persists I will restrict the users from using png files.

Can I know what is the problem as to why am I not able to make video from png files? Please look in to it . Please visit and try to upload a png file you can find the uuid in the networks window.

Can you try to isolate the problem to the Shotstack call and share? If you can either share the uuid of a render that fails (with working urls) or the actual json that is sent through to us (again with working links to the actual image used or the image attached) we will be able to look deeper into this issue for you.

We unfortunately won’t be able to debug your frontend for you.

As @lucas.spielberg mentioned there may be an issue with the extension not matching the file type. Otherwise everything in regards the PNG rendering is working from our side.

You can run this test render to confirm that PNG files will render correctly:

    "timeline": {
        "background": "#ffffff",
        "tracks": [
                "clips": [
                        "asset": {
                            "type": "image",
                            "src": ""
                        "start": 0,
                        "length": 5,
                        "fit": "none"
    "output": {
        "format": "mp4",
        "resolution": "sd"

If your application does any kind of conversion when users upload images, for example you resize or compress them and change the mime type, this could cause the image to become a jpg with a png extension.

I commented out the conversation (I was doing image compression ) but I didn’t find the exact solution. But I am very much thankful that you mentioned this exact problem , I will try to look in to the conversation problem once again . Thank you very much for your help

It’s working fine now . I just love your service shotstack family :heavy_heart_exclamation:. Thank you .