PHP SDK error - missing libraries


Please help to get all required files to work with video using shotstack-sdk-php.
The composer seems work well but there are missing folders while compiling the code, like:
Uncaught Error: Class “Shotstack\Client\Configuration” not found

After few days of trying fix it it’s still not working and I coudn’t set the Shotstack to start to work with.

Have you referred to the PHP demos project. These all use the SDK and should all work out of the box: GitHub - shotstack/php-demos: Shotstack PHP demos - Edit videos in the cloud with PHP and the Shotstack Video Editing API. Is the path to vender/autoload.php correct. Without that it won’t find the classes.

Also this example from the SDK readme should work:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Shotstack\Client\Api\EditApi;
use Shotstack\Client\Configuration;
use Shotstack\Client\Model\Edit;
use Shotstack\Client\Model\Output;
use Shotstack\Client\Model\Timeline;
use Shotstack\Client\Model\Track;
use Shotstack\Client\Model\Clip;
use Shotstack\Client\Model\VideoAsset;

$config = Configuration::getDefaultConfiguration()
    ->setApiKey('x-api-key', 'H7jKyj9.........s9j0cD'); // use the correct API key

$client = new EditApi(null, $config);

$videoAsset = new VideoAsset();

$videoClip = new Clip();

$track = new Track();

$timeline = new Timeline();

$output = new Output();

$edit = new Edit();

$render = $client->postRender($edit)->getResponse();

Otherwise can you paste a simplified version of your PHP script and we can see what the issue might be.