PHP Sdk Effect does not support fast or slow effects?


It seems the PHP SDK does not support Fast or Slow effects?

When one passed an effect with the keyword ‘Fast’ or ‘Slow’ appened to it, the following error is thrown:

Invalid value ‘zoomInFast’ for ‘effect’, must be one of ‘zoomIn’, ‘zoomOut’, ‘slideLeft’, ‘slideRight’, ‘slideUp’, ‘slideDown’ {“exception”:"[object] (InvalidArgumentException(code: 0): Invalid value ‘zoomInFast’ for ‘effect’, must be one of ‘zoomIn’, ‘zoomOut’, ‘slideLeft’, ‘slideRight’, ‘slideUp’, ‘slideDown’

We are aware of this and have added it to the backlog to be added for the next release of the PHP SDK.

I think there’s an alternative way to add those particular effects. @Jeff.S could someone just add a different value to the transition property?

The SDK built in validation blocks any values that are not in the list of allowed values. The only real work around for now is to manually update the SDK files, you would need to edit this list:

The consts are defined further up here:

We will try and get this fixed and a new SDK generated very soon.

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thank you for your help!

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@dazzatron , any update if this is in the SDK release yet?

Thank you!

Hey not yet. We’ve got this down as a backlog item to solve a range of issues with the SDKs. I’m hopeful we’ll be able to push it into one of our upcoming sprints.

Thank you for updating the SDK. Was helpful to us!

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