Personalized Video Marketing Platform - Exclusive to Shopify

Hi All,

I guess I’ll be the first for “Show & Tell”.

I’m Terry software engineer, and former founding developer at a tech startup focusing on eCommerce, Customer Retention, and personalization.

Having worked my way up from developer, lead developer, architect to CIO and running Shopify stores, I came to the realization that automated, personalized video is tremendously difficult. It’s time consuming and costly!

With the experience obtained, I wanted to scratch my own itch, and provide affordable tools for all retailers leverage personalized video, thus deciding to build… Kanteneo!

Kanteneo is an automated, event-driven, personalized video marketing platform, focusing on personalized engagement, building trust, and product recommendations, all through the power of video.


How does it work

Create Campaign

Select an event

Select an automation

Upload a video or select a video template

  • Select Personalized Placeholders,
  • Select an audio file
  • Upload or select an image


AND Publish!

Once published, and an event triggers, this will start the campaign and render the video! This video is then sent directly to the customers email inbox, or as a WhatsApp message - depending on the automation selected.

Events fall under different categories

Events (Engage)

• Custom (used to create videos outside of the predefined events)
• New Order
• New Customer (None Order, None Email Subscriber)
• New Email Subscriber
• + More

Events (Trust)

• Custom (used to create videos outside of the predefined events)
• Merry Christmas
• Happy New Years
• VIP Customer
• + More

Events (Promote)

• Custom (used to create videos outside of the predefined events)
• New Product
• Also Bought
• Top Sellers
• Low Stock
• + More

Each video will render based on its event. When a new order is sent from Shopify to Kanteneo, the new order event will trigger.

Some of our current integrations (completed and in development)

  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • FreshRelevance
  • WhatsApp
  • Klaviyo
  • Emarsys
  • Loyalty Lion
    • much more

We’re getting close to launching our FREE beta access program, here you’ll be able to test drive Kanteneo for free, and provide valuable feedback on features.

Please join the free beta access program here:


Thanks for sharing. Shopify and e-commerce in general definitely sounds like an area that could benefit from personalised video. We’re looking forward to seeing your progress. Please keep us posted.