Pan Keyframe Workaround: Enhancing Object Movement in Designs

I’m exploring a feature enhancement in the design process, specifically regarding the movement of objects within a project. Currently, we have the capability to set the position of an object. A valuable addition would be the ability to define a start and end position for an object, facilitating a simple yet effective straight-line movement.

  1. Enhanced Object Movement: By enabling the setting of two key points (start and end positions), designers could create a basic pan effect, adding dynamism to their designs with minimal complexity.

  2. Potential for High ROI: Implementing this feature seems like it could offer a high return on investment, as it’s presumably a low-effort update from a UI development standpoint, yet significantly enhances the design capabilities.

  3. Community Feedback: I’m interested in hearing from others if this is a feature they’d find useful, or if there are existing workarounds that achieve a similar effect.

Any insights or thoughts on this potential feature would be greatly appreciated!

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