Overlays are freezing

Hi there, i have bubble plugin that puts overlays in an attempt to use them as transitions, but they all freeze for 2-8 frames at some point. I cannot figure it out

Would you be able to share a uuid of a render where this happens?

My advice here would be to build in a contingency in to your overlay animations. Add 0.5 to 1 second of “nothing” (i.e. 100% alpha) at the end. Then set the length of the overlay longer than you need in the JSON. Sometimes depending on frame rate conversions, dropping frames etc… this might happen. It would also happen if you set the length longer than the animation itself. So if it is 0.5 seconds long, but you have a length of 0.6 seconds in JSON the last frame will repeat for 0.1 second.

By having the empty transparent frames you can accommodate any inaccuracy with the frames being processed.

I just saw the uuid was part of the file you shared so took a look at your JSON. Everything looks fine so @lucas.spielberg his comment would likely resolve your issues.

We always recommend using input assets of the same frame rate as the output asset so reduce frame inaccuracies. But to solve for this adding a second a alpha transparency to the back of your animation helps adjust for this.

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