Not sure if I am using the API correctly - Please help. Getting Unknown Error 400

Hi Team:

I am stuck at a problem that I am not sure how to proceed to resolve.

My project requires me to render dynamically selectable templates. For this reason, I have to use the render from template API from ‘Make an API Call’ Shotstack module on

But, I am getting an Error ([400] Unknown error). Check below

As you can see, I am able to use the ‘Make an API Call’ Shotstack module to list templates successfully. I am also able to render the required template using the ‘Render from Template’ Shotstack module on But, the error occurs when I use the ‘Make an API Call’ Shotstack module to use renderTemplate API.

Please point me in the right direction to be able to make progress here.
Appreciate any help!

From yesterday, shotstakc started deducting points of production environment in the sandbox environment. I’m not sure this is a bug or their new policy. So I’m getting the same problem because my all credit is used up and there is nothing left.

Thanks @hvmunlimited for the reply.

But, this issue has nothing to do with credits. It is about the renderTemplate API working with one module of but not working with another module of