New Integration - After Effects (Alpha)

A common feature request we are asked for is the ability to import templates/assets created in After Effects into Shotstack. We are happy to announce that we’ve released an alpha stage integration as the first step in this process.

The integration with After Effects will enable you to:

  • Create compositions in After Effects and import these into Shotstack
  • Import existing After Effects compositions straight into Shotstack
  • Save time finding the right timing of assets to play and automatically import these from your existing composition
  • Ability to map assets from AE straight to the right asset inside of your template showcasing where the file can be found on your machine

You can find out more about the After Effects integration and how it works here.

Please note, as this integration is in alpha, it’s subject to change. We’d welcome feedback as you test this new integration out.

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Heyo, I’m getting an error inside of after effects when I go to export: “Unable to execute script at line 258: JSON is undefined”

Any ideas? I am in the newest version of after effects (23.5) I know you tested with 18, but curious if I’m doing something wrong. Could it be plugins I’m using inside the AE comp?

It has been tested on the latest version of AE and should work.

Can you share with us your composition? We can take a look at what may be amiss.

I’ve sent you a DM.