My image is losing its quality

Hi there,

For some reason, in my videos, when I have a logo overlayed on top of the video, it’s losing its quality significantly when rendered. Any ideas why?

This is the logo file -

And here’s how it looks in the video in the first part of the video -

This happens when your source image is really large and it is resized/scaled to a much smaller size. The best way to resolve this is to prepare the logo at the exact size you want, use the fit: none option and no scaling.

If you need to handle different logos and sizes you should still make the logo close to the size you want in the final video.

We should be launching a feature that will resize the source image for you very soon.

I recently discovered that creating images using points instead of pixels and setting the dpr to none helps images resize better. Only some image editors have this function, tho. Incscapes has it.