Mux Destination

Mux Destination

We’re excited to announce that a convenient way to send your videos straight to the worlds most developer-friendly video streaming platform.

Together with our friends at Mux we’ve launched a new Mux destination. This makes it easier than ever to edit your video and make it automatically available for streaming via your Mux account.

By enabling the Mux destination rendered videos are immediately sent to Mux when they are ready, making it easier for developers to get their product to market. We’ve written an article that delves into how to use this new feature.

We are looking to add new destinations such as S3 and YouTube in the near future. Let us know if there are particular destinations you would like us to add in the comments below.

How to use the Mux Destination feature



How does this get charged?
The destination itself is free to use but you use your bandwidth allowance for every video you send to Mux.

Can I set the Mux playback policy?
Yes. You can also set the playback policy to public, signed or both. The default is public and can be omitted.

@dazzatron can we get support for sending the passthrough field to Mux?

@Jeff.S Can we add a ticket to add passthrough as an option for the Mux destination?

Please can you tell us what typical payload is you want to send via the passthrough?

Have looked in to this and we should be able to do in the next sprint.

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Sorry, just saw this.

We usually pass a string that has an entity type and a database UUID through so that we know database row to update when we get the Mux callback.

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