Multiple Questions/Requests

Hello. I know I have a lot of questions but I’ve chosen Shotstack to build a very promising startup. In order for it to get as many users as possible I need to fix a few things, which can be resolved by getting help/answers to these questions

  • How can I generate videos in the proper folder associated to a client id (how to pass client-id as part of the folder name) in AWS S3?

  • How do I return the AWS S3 URL of the video in the callback when the video is ready?

  • How to automatically generate text-to-speech audio for each video based on the provided text using Eleven labs?

  • How to automatically adapt text box dimensions based on font size & how to rotate ?

  • Do uou have the famous tiktok voice as part of their text-to-speech service: the very first voice that you get when going to this URL:

  • How much would it cost to add audio to an already-generated video? I want to override the generated videos with the same videos but with an audio chosen from a dropdown added to them.

This one slipped through the net so apologies for not answering this one sooner. In case you are still trying to work these issues out here are some answers: