Multiple Luma Mattes in x/y Positions

Hello Shotstack Team,

I am looking to add lower thirds type animations as described here:

But I want to add multiple lumas, overlapping on the timeline, and in different positions.

Is this is possible?

Based on the above example, it’s unclear to me if:

a) we are able to resize and reposition our luma matte animations

b) if we are able to layer multiple luma matte animations on top of one another

In the above example, there is a single black shape, which appears in a single location.

It runs for a set time and then disappears off the screen.

This is nice, but provides no real customization (other than, say, creating 100 animations that account for different sizes, positions etc).


I would like to have a background video background.mp4, running 0.0 to 10.0 seconds

But instead of one luma.mp4 in a fixed location, I want:

  • first luma.mp4 appears top left at 1second (I later overlay word “THANKS” on top with HTML)

  • second luma.mp4 appears middle left at 3seconds (I later overlay word “SHOT” on top with HTML)

  • third luma.mp4 appears bottom left at 5seconds (I later overlay word “STACK!” on top with HTML)

These are all same luma.mp4 but are moved around on x/y position. Is that possible?

If setting x/y positions of luma.mp4 isn’t possible, can we at least layer them on top of one another (and then set x/y positions when we make the luma.mp4 – ie video editor makes a bottomleft-luma.mp4, middleleft-luma.mp4, and then JSON drops them into the timeline, overlapping and on top of background.mp4 to accomplish what I want that way?)


P.S. Are there any other ways to accomplish lower thirds (and later layering html text on top)? I guess we could transition in red-rectangle-shape.png using one of the preset transitions, although it wouldn’t be as pretty as a fancy pre-animated luma.mp4. Perhaps there are other ways I have missed. I do vaguely remember seeing something in the studio, but it slips my mind…