Made a gaming highlight reel from Twitch clips

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to show off a gaming highlight reel I made from my friend’s Twitch channel.

I’ve been using Make (Integromat) for quite some time to automatically collect the most viewed Twitch clips for different games and store them in Airtable. Stumbling upon Shotstack seems like it could really help fulfill my vision of being able to automatically create highlight reels for specific games, genres, or in this case, streamers.

Click here to check it out

I have the workflow set to grab the top 10 clips of the month from the streamer’s channel and then just stitch them together. The next version will hopefully make use of overlays to display the clip title, date, views, etc.

Feature Request
But what I’d REALLY like is to make a feature request to enable 60 fps renders. For me, this is the killer feature that I would pay extra for. I’m sure there are other niches besides gaming that would benefit from this.

I know it takes more processing resources, but I also know it’s just an ffmpeg rendering setting so it certainly isn’t impossible to implement. Without this feature, I’m afraid I will have to learn to do it the old fashioned way with ffmpeg :laughing:

Anyways, I really like what Shotstack has built so far and I’m looking forward to more innovation because this is THE WAY!


Love it. Great work.

We talked about 4k and 60fps recently and are looking to make it available soon. The only question that remains is pricing.

It will likely involve something like the following:

Resolution FPS Credits per minute
720p 30 1
720p 60 2
1080p 30 2
1080p 60 4
4k 30 4
4k 60 8


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Love this! I have been thinking about how Shotstack could integrate with Twitch for quite some time. I know they have an API which might be useful.

We discussed 60fps recently and are considering this. Yes it will be more CPU intensive and take longer to render but we can work all that out. We wouldn’t want you to have to go back to using ffmpeg now would we :laughing:.

Also, just want to check - the source footage from Twitch is available at 60fps?

Thank you!

Seems a bit steep but if the renders finished faster and the templates were easier to implement then i could justify it.

There’s a pretty strong business case to be made with 60fps because I think I’d be able to sell it to pro players and streamers.

Do you see the prices coming down on it eventually?

Yeah their api is pretty good, but who knows how long it’ll last before they fuck it up.

Yes the footage is available on twitch at 60fps. Most streamers are doing 60fps, most at 1080. Esports tournaments in the US and Europe are 1080 @ 60.

I believe twitch is testing 4K streams now, with YouTube already ahead of the game and recently making Clips available for everyone.

But yeah my goal is to sell auto edited highlight reels and templates to streamers and esports events and orgs.

So much Potential in 10min videos for YT and top 5 clips for Twitter, I just need to learn the json template system better.

Well there’s good news ahead on the JSON templates system as we’re aiming to make it easier via a GUI. You can already access an early release version on your dashboard.

We’ll see how fast we can get 60fps live. We’ll update this thread once we do.