Luma matte lower third not rendering properly

I’m using a luma matte to add a lower third to my video, but the transition out is not rendering correctly. It looks like it gets stuck on screen for a bit before disappearing, which is not present in the luma matte itself.

Stage render ID: 0c77fe29-7efb-413d-8495-0eb8c5987675

Output file:

We worked around this by extending the luma matte asset to include an extra 1 second of white after the animation. It looks like there is a bug though with Shotstack cutting off the end of the luma matte if the animation runs up until the end of the luma matte asset.

Hi @walkthreads,

You’re right. The Shotstack engine has the tendency to drop a few frames when encoding the video. We’re aware of the issue and the best workaround for now is to add a second of white to the end.