Issues with Shotstack Make modules

We are aware of some issues in regards to the Shotstack Make modules.

When Integromat moved over the Shotstack modules to Make this led to the Shotstack modules causing an error on the authentication step.

We are investigating what may be causing this and we will update this thread once these issues are resolved.

All our modules are working on the original Integromat platform and we suggest waiting to move over your Shotstack scenarios to make until we have reviewed Make’s transfer process.

The issue appears to be in relation to the authentication call when setting up a new connection. This continues to work on the legacy platform, but not on the new Make platform.

Unfortunately we cannot debug this effectively at this point as the dev modules are only available to be tested on the legacy Integromat platform.

We are in touch with Integromat/Make to find a solution to this issue.

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Thank you for the information.

Hopefully it will be solved soon, I will wait :slight_smile:


Just to provide everyone an update on this. Make is still in the process of fixing this bug.

To hasten their resolve I would ask anyone who is waiting for Shotstack’s modules to be available on Make to email and for updates on this fix.


Haha did it even before discovering this thread :sweat_smile: Thanks

I have just send them an email. Meanwhile I am using JSON modules for using Shotstack API :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re finding a way around this for now @Spacebom.

I just got an email back from them this morning apologising it’s taking so long. Their developers are currently investigating the problem with the highest priority. We should get an update soon.

Apologies again to everyone on this thread for the time this is taking to get fixed.

We just heard back from Make and they’ve identified the issue. I won’t go into the technicalities but it comes down to a validation error caused by an upgrade in their markup language.

I will push through a fix today after which the app needs to go through their Apps Development Team and Apps QA. It should then be available for all environments.

Just got word the app has gone through QA and should be working. I haven’t had time to test it yet so if someone else does so before I’m able to let me know how it goes.

I can confirm that Shotstack modules in works correctly.

Thank you @dazzatron :smiley:

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Hello! I was about to test the Shotstack template to Make module converter and noticed that at least the clip asset’s background color will not accept a value using transparency.
Don’t know if the same would happen using similar fields.

Good pickup. It uses hex validation but it appears the validation is off for transparency values.

I’ve added a ticket to look at whether we can change this.