Issue when I try to edit a template

When I try to edit a template from the portal, I get the following error
Something went wrong

n.find is not a function

Can you please provide support ?

Can you send me the ID of the template, it should be accessible via the list page or in the URL when you try to open it. Then I will test and try to recreate the issue.

Can you confirm that the template opens but you get an error as soon as you try to edit something?

Template ID is 2f2e1568-e581-4be3-8875-907a8ddf729e
This template has been build with nodejs sdk.
It is working well to produce video
Only issue is that I can not edit with Web portal

Hi @fvisticot thanks for that! The main issue is that we require default values for merge fields in the editor. You can configure the merge fields in the top level of the json like this

    "merge": [
            "find": "DIPLOMA_BACKGROUND_IMG_URL",
            "replace": ""

or with the UI

Meanwhile, we have a fix on the way to make sure the editor still lets you edit when given a template without default values :smiley: This has now been deployed.

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