Is there a way to add additional login users to my account?

So in the account management I can’t seem to find a place to add users? I work for a company and I want/need everyone to be logging into the same account, but I don’t want us to share login credentials. Am I missing something obvious? currently on Free platform, but don’t see any mention of this in the pricing tier breakdown… I can’t even seem to see an account management area for resetting passwords or changing account email, etc.

Hi Ben,
Unfortunately right now we do not have multiuser or shareable accounts. The only way right now is with sharing the login details. You can also create multiple accounts and copy templates across the accounts if needed.

Multiuser accounts is on our roadmap and we hope to add this feature soon along with full account management features. If you need anything changed right now you can always contact us.

Thanks for the follow-up! Much appreciated.