Introducing Workflows - Empowering Developers and Creators with No Code Tools

Hello Shotstack Community,

Today marks an exciting chapter in our journey, as we introduce Workflows. This innovation is a testament to our unwavering commitment to pioneering video technology that’s both cutting-edge and inclusive.

Developers, I’ve got some good news. With Workflows, you now have an ecosystem that consolidates all of Shotstack’s APIs into a unified, efficient platform. What this means for you is faster and more streamlined development, especially when building the MVP for your video applications. Prototype quicker, test faster, and bring your visions to life effortlessly.

To every marketer, creative, and enthusiast out there, if the world of video creation ever felt like an intricate maze, Workflows is your compass. Even without a technical background, you can now create thousands of personalised videos in minutes, just from a CSV file or a Webhook.

For a limited time, we’re including Workflows in all Shotstack subscriptions. We want every single one of you to experience its capabilities firsthand.

Key Highlights of Workflows

- Built for Developers, Open to All: Workflows is grounded in developer needs, yet its no-code approach ensures it’s universally accessible.

- Versatile Creation: Both developers and brands can either use CSV for focused campaigns or leverage Webhook for automated content. Thousands of tailored videos are now just moments away.

- Hyper-realistic Text-to-Speech: Amplify your videos’ global appeal with our integrated, hyper-realistic text-to-speech capabilities, spanning over 30 languages.

At its core, Workflows acts as a bridge, connecting the world of advanced technology with the domain of intuitive, scalable video creation. We’re moving towards a future where, irrespective of technical know-how, everyone can utilise high-end tools to create compelling video content.

We’re just getting started with Workflows. You can expect to see more triggers, actions and integrations in the future. Our product roadmap includes form builders, dynamic upload triggers, scheduled tasks, and integrations with third-party platforms like Google Sheets, Airtable, and Hubspot.

We’re also building modules for media processing – from video manipulation, subtitle integration, transcription automation, to AI-driven avatar generation and text-to-media transformations.

And you can be part of these next updates. Send us your feedback in the Community, and let us know what functionalities and features you’d like to see next.

Workflows isn’t just another tool—it’s a promise. A promise of innovation, inclusivity, and infinite possibilities.

To the future of endless creativity,

Jeff S

Co-founder of Shotstack

P.S. At Shotstack, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Whether you’re looking for a simplified no-code solution with Workflows or a more intricate, bespoke experience via our APIs, we have the perfect toolkit for your ambitions. We’re dedicated to helping creators build video at scale, the way they envision it.

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