Inquiry Regarding Shotstack Dealer Demo Video Transitions

We have been exploring the Shotstack platform and recently came across the Shotstack Dealer Demo video. While experimenting with the provided JSON examples, we noticed transitions in the demo video that are not included in the JSON examples, specifically the arrow transition.

This has raised some questions for our team, and we are seeking clarification to better understand the capabilities of the Shotstack platform. Our primary concern is whether the demo video accurately represents the features available in the Shotstack API or if there are additional transitions that are not included in the provided JSON examples.

Could you please provide insight into the following:

  1. Are the transitions used in the Shotstack Dealer Demo video, such as the arrow transition, part of the Shotstack API?
  2. If these transitions are indeed part of the API, could you share the corresponding JSON examples or documentation for incorporating them into our projects?

Yes, this all works via the API and in the Studio video editor. You can load that template within the dashboard: Shotstack Dashboard.

The animation effect is created using the luma asset which is applied to the track. In the Studio video editor the black clips are the luma assets:

This tutorial will take you through how to create your own luma using After Effects and how to apply them via the API: Create a luma matte transition using After Effects — Shotstack

Also check our design guide which outline all the supported features and how to get the most out of the editor: Studio video editor guide for designers — Shotstack

Also, here are more templates with JSON examples how to acheive the effect: Shotstack - Video, Image and Audio Editing Templates and one of our users created these: