Icon sets like fontawesome?

Any chance that icon sets like fontawesome could work with html assets?

Hey @ezra.exposito,

No not at this point. The HTML asset supports a subset of HTML4 and CSS 2.1.

To use icon sets you would need to use the image asset. This is a template that has icons embedded but it uses PNG files inside of an image asset:

    "asset": {
        "type": "image",
        "src": "https://templates.shotstack.io/basic/asset/image/icon/slimline/white/26px/car.png"
    "start": 1.4,
    "length": 4,
    "fit": "none",
    "position": "left",
    "offset": {
        "x": 0.205,
        "y": -0.025
    "transition": {
        "in": "fade",
        "out": "fade"