I have a noise among the sounds of the video

On many occasions, one sound ends before the next begins, and a strange noise can be heard.
“id”: “44066f60-efae-4b6a-a4b4-a38f14826277”

Seconds 22-23
Has anyone had a similar problem?

The stuttering sound normally occurs when the length to play an asset exceeds the actual duration of the file.

I checked the JSON for your video and can see that you have a file called: http://app.aayaat.net/storage/qiraats/038029.mp3, and it is set to play for a length of 17 seconds.

I checked the file using our probe endpoint like this:

I can see that the actual file duration is 16.457143.

By setting the length in the JSON to 16.45, the audio plays correctly.


length : 16.39

Seconds 22-23
Still, there is noise!!
if length : 16.30

I think It is acceptable.
Can the duration of the sound be corrected by trial and error?