How to Optimize Video Rendering Workflows Using Shotstack API?

Hey Shotstack fam! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am using Shotstack’s API to make videos on the fly in my project, and it’s working pretty well! But I want to make it the best it can be, fast and smooth.

Here is where I need some help:

How can I use Shotstack’s API in the smartest way to make videos quickly? Less talking to Shotstack, more videos made!
How do people keep track of and update their video templates? Is there a good way to organize them so they always work and new videos look the same?
If I need to make a ton of videos at the same time, how can Shotstack handle it? Are there any limits or things to keep in mind?
What’s the best way to handle mistakes when making videos? How can I make sure Shotstack tries again if something goes wrong?
Are there any settings in Shotstack that can make my videos look great without taking forever to render?
Anyone have any hidden tricks or cool things you’ve learned about Shotstack to make videos faster or better?
Are there any guides or websites that teach you how to use Shotstack like a pro? Seeing how others do it would be awesome!

I also check this: But I have not found any solution. So please share any advice on using Shotstack’s API to make videos faster and better would be a lifesaver! Your help will make my video-making process a breeze.

Thanks! :innocent: