How to import an afterefect template in .aep format to shotstack

We have an use case of templates created in aftereffect by a creative agency. We would like to use the template here in shotstack and scale it to hundreds of videos. Is there a possibility to create shotstack template from aftereffect templates ?

Hello @bnrk,

Could you provide an example of a template you’d like to use in Shotstack?

Do you mean the AEP file? Can I send you in a private chat?

Hello @bnrk ,

Thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, AEP files aren’t directly compatible with Shotstack.

However, you can either create templates within the Shotstack platform or choose from our pre-built templates.

You can still pre-render and export files from After Effects as mp4 files or mov files with alpha transparency, similar to how you would pre-render a composition like this: Precomposing, nesting, and pre-rendering After Effects compositions

Those files can then be imported in to Shotstacks Studio editor and layered and arranged how you need them. You can then overlay dynamic elements like text or images using the Shotstack Studio and merge fields.

Think of Shotstack Studio as the video editor (more like Premiere) and After Effects as the motion graphics animation tool. Shotstack is better at arranging the final rendered assets and not so much for the animations.

Here’s our designers guide on how to get the most out of the Shotstack Studio: Studio video editor guide for designers — Shotstack

And this is a guide on how to create a very simple overlay animation in After Effects, render it is a mov with alpha and then layer that in Shotstack Studio to create a transition effect: Create an overlay transition using After Effects — Shotstack

By combining these tools and approaches you can create a huge variety of creative designs with dynamic variables that can be added to the video when rendered with Shotstacks API.