How to easily adjust audio when transitioning between clips

Hi there,

I am creating a template that has an intro, videos of people speaking, and then outro. Because of this flow, I’m trying to have the audio be normal to start, then ease to a lower volume when person is speaking, and then increase back when going to the outro.

I used the multiple audios template, but it doesn’t ease from volume to volume. Any ideas on how to adjust?

What you need is audio keyframing that allows you to ease the volume. That currently isn’t possible yet but is part of our roadmap.

@Jeff.S for visibility

Ah, okay – appreciate you letting me know. Do you know how the fade in / fade out works from a timing perspective? I’m trying to get smart with the clips to have a slight overlap so when one is fading out the other picks up when it reaches that volume.

Both the video and audio assets let you control the fading in and out of the volume using the volumeEffect and effect properties. See here Shotstack v1 API Reference Documentation and here: Shotstack v1 API Reference Documentation.

The volume effects fade the volume from 0 (muted) to volume setting (default 1) and volume setting to 0 over a 2 second duration. You might be able to combine this with the template you used and overlap the sound so it blends together, otherwise for now it is just a hard cut between volumes.