How to clear my Storage?

Please, help. I have trouble with clearing it

Your rendered videos can be managed with the Serve API, there is an endpoint to delete videos by asset ID: Manage Hosted Assets withe the Serve API | Shotstack Documentation. The docs explain how to get the asset ID from the render ID.

If you are not using the Shotstack hosting/CDN service then you can opt-out from storage and just download the video from the temporary URL in the edit response. More details here: Opt-out from Shotstack Hosting | Shotstack Documentation.

If you have a large volume of videos and need us to do a one off delete of all videos let us know and we can do that for you.

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You guys should add button “clear Storage” on Dashboard… It would be much easier.

Yes, it is on our roadmap to list and delete individual assets. We can look at a delete all button so long as it comes with a big warning and a couple of confirmation screens :smile:

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